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Fall Business Meeting

Friday Nov. 2, 2001
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis, IN

Present: Alba Fernandez, Jennifer Hehman, Catharine Jansen, Ursula Kolmstetter, Sonja Staum-Kuniej.

Meeting was begun at 9:55 by Chair, Sonja Staum-Kuniej. The agenda of the meeting included:

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Spring Meeting Site
  • Approval of Spring, 2001 meeting minutes
  • Chapter dues increase
  • Treasurer's report
  • Midwest Regional Rep Report
  • Midstates Website update
  • St. Louis Conference-Welcome Party donation, Internet Room volunteer
  • Midstates Chair -Elect vacancy
  • Nominating Committee Report/ballot
  • Bylaws-Article I (Name and Purpose, #3 Defined Region) and VII. (Elections)
  • Membership participation, programs/meetings
  • Membership ad hoc committee
  • Travel Award ad hoc committee
  • Other

The ARLIS Midstates Fall Business Meeting was held in Indianapolis, IN at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. Catharine Jansen hosted the meeting. Chair, Sonja Staum-Kuniej presided. An unexpected and last minute change in venue from Milwaukee, WI to Indianapolis, IN impacted the attendance at the meeting. The lack of attendance seriously affected the Chapter's ability to conduct business at this meeting. Since no quorum was present, review by the membership of the minutes of the May meeting had to be postponed until the next meeting. In absence of the Secretary/Treasurer Catharine Jansen volunteered to take minutes.

A discussion followed concerning the problems the organization is presently experiencing. The Chapter is facing a severe lull in membership participation and service to the organization. The nominating committee has had a difficult time soliciting names for the ballot for the upcoming elections. In addition, the recent resignation of the current Chair-Elect position has left the Chapter without a succeeding Chair to Sonja Staum-Kuniej's term.

The Midstates Chapter Bylaws require at least two candidates per office on the ballot. As of this meeting, two candidates per office were not offered for the ballot. To abide by the Chapter bylaws either additional candidates would be needed or the bylaws would need to be amended to reflect a 'one-candidate' ballot.

The lack of a quorum at the meeting prevented any resolution concerning the amendment of several bylaws. Consensus at the meeting was that Sonja would send out a "multipurpose form" to the membership that addressed the bylaws issue and included a ballot for the upcoming election. It was anticipated that the form would include the amendment of the bylaws, write-in candidates, as well as solicit volunteers to host Chapter meetings and program development suggestions for the meetings.

Discussion followed regarding low meeting attendance. Some issues included lack of volunteers to host meetings and not enough lead-time for program and travel planning. Increased lead-time for planning, increased members' participation, an updated/current membership list, and involvement of art library students were suggested as possible solutions.

Conversation turned to the current membership mailing list. It was noted that the current Midstates Chapter membership mailing list was out of date and current paid members were missing from the most recent list. Sonja recently requested the current ARLIS/NA Headquarters Midstates Chapter mailing list so that the current Midstates Chapter list held by the Midstates Secretary/Treasurer might be compared and members contacted to update records. In addition, she requested the mailing lists from IL, IN, IA, MI, and WI for recruiting purposes. Members present at the meeting also requested that a Chapter listserv be created to facilitate communication and participation among Chapter members. Sonja offered to establish such a listserve through IUPUI.

Some discussion followed about the slate of officers to be put on the form that Sonja was going to send out. Sonja mentioned that Dennis McGuire, from the Cataloging Dept of Columbia College, preferred to be slated together with Alba Fernandez as Vice-Chair rather than as Chair. She therefore offered to serve a consecutive year if it would be voted in by the Midstates membership.

A discussion followed about the prerequisites of an effective Chapter meeting. Ursula mentioned that such a meeting should not take place at the 2002 Annual Conference in St. Louis and that should be taken into consideration, when scheduling this meeting, that programs for the Annual Conference of 2003 had to be submitted by May 30th of 2002. Therefore the Chapter already missed the deadline for submitting a program for next year's Annual Meeting in St. Louis.

Ursula then proceeded with the Midwest Regional Representative report. She spoke on the programs and the many workshops that were going to be offered at next year's Annual Conference in St. Louis, which would be of interest to ARLIS/NA as well as VRA members. She mentioned, among others, workshops on how to catalog sound art and presentations on image databases such as RLG, ArtStor, and Amico. She also discussed the many interesting places in St. Louis that would be the destinations of tours and the venue of the Conference, which is located at Union Station.

Next on the agenda was the web site of the Chapter. Sonja reported that Erika Dowell offered to continue the web site development that Fred Hillbrunner and Cate Cooney had begun. Sonja will e-mail the website's files to Erika, so the Chapter will have a website in place in the spring.

Sonja announced that the ARLIS/NA Board had approved the dissolution of the Michigan Chapter. The Michigan Chapter was incorporated into the Midstates Chapter and the monies from the Michigan Chapter transferred to the Midstates Chapter account.

The Secretary/Treasurer was not present at the meeting to provide the treasurer's report. Sonja collected the Chapter membership dues and Fall meeting registration fees. Members present suggested that due to the fact all current candidates for the upcoming election reside in Indianapolis, the Chapter bank account and books that currently reside in Chicago, IL might need to be transferred to Indianapolis. Members present suggested that it might be reasonable to begin to explore establishing a Chapter bank [checking] account in Indianapolis since the only current candidate for the Secretary/Treasurer position resided in Indianapolis [as well as the other candidates]. Sonja agreed to coordinate the transfer of Chapter monies and books with Tom Hartmann, Chapter Secretary/Treasurer at the appropriate time in order to maintain as smooth a transfer as possible. Catharine Jansen, who is slated for the Secretary/Treasurer position, agreed to contact possible banks to determine the best banking option for a Chapter account.

The next item of discussion was the Chapter donation to the annual conference. Sonja noted that the Midstates Chapter had donated $400.00 to the Annual Conference Welcome Party for the past two conferences. Also, Ted Goodman had contacted Chapter officers soliciting donations for the annual conference. Sonja asked members present if the Chapter would consider a donation to the Annual conference to be held 2002 in St Louis. Consensus of the members present at the meeting was to donate $400.00 to the Annual Conference Welcome Party. Sonja will contact Tom Hartmann and request that the donation be forwarded to Ted Goodman.

There were no reports given by the Membership and Travel Award ad hoc committees.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45.

Respectfully submitted by Catharine Jansen.