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Fall Business Meeting

Friday November 1, 2002
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Present: Nadene Byrne, Anne Champagne, Susan Clarke, Lorna Donley, Jane Ferger, Nathaniel Feis, Alba Fernandez, Leigh Gates, Catharine Jansen, Ursula Kolmstetter, Elaine Lowenthal, Alice Maggio, Martha Neth, Juliet Teipel, Lois R. Travis, Amy Trendler, Terrie Wilson, Janet Yoder.

Meeting was begun at 3:55 pm by Chair, Alba Fernandez. The agenda of the meeting included:

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes [Spring Business Meeting, 5/31/02]
  • Change of Officers
  • Nominating committee report
    • Ballot
    • Call for additions
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Midwest Regional Representative report
  • Annual conference
  • Baltimore Welcome Party donation
  • Spring 2003 Business Meeting site
  • Announcements/ other

The minutes of the previous Spring (May 2002) Meeting were approved. Alba announced that the minutes of the Chapter's Business Meetings will be posted on the Chapter's web site.

Alba then announced that, since Sonja Staum-Kuniej could not preside the meeting because of other responsibilities, her position of President had been transferred to Alba early. (This position was scheduled to be transferred in January 2003.)

Jane Ferger then reported on behalf of the Nominating Committee that Terrie Wilson had been placed on the ballot for the position of Chair Elect. She then opened up the nominations to the floor. No more nominations were made. Jane then announced that the ballots will be sent out by December 1st, and that they need to be returned by the membership by December 15th. Results will be reported by January 1st, 2003.

Kitty Jansen then delivered the Treasurer's report. On 3/27/02 a new account had been established at the Old National Bank in Indianapolis. The balance in the account was $2,571.72. $1,855.19 had been transferred from the bank account in Chicago ($1,748.94 + $106.25 sent to Sonja by Tom Hartmann in May 2002); income from 30 membership renewals, 4 Fall 2001 Meeting registration payments, 9 Spring 2002 Meeting registrations and 17 Fall 2002 registrations had been $868.08 so far. Besides a donation of $100 to the Bill Bunce Memorial Fund, expenses had been $51.55, for the printing of new checks.

Ursula then proceeded to deliver the Midwest Regional Representative report. She reported that she and Laurie Whitehill Chong had finished the updating and revising of the Chapter Success Book. All links should work now. From around January 1st, 2003, the handbook will be accessible to members only on the web site under: Ursula also stated that ARLIS/NA President Daniel Starr and Linda Tompkins-Baldwin, Conference Planning Committee co-chair for local arrangements are encouraging local chapters for some contribution towards the Conference Welcome Party. Great news was that the controversial Camille Paglia has agreed to be the closing plenary speaker at the Annual Conference next year in Baltimore. The Executive Board began the process of examining the structure of ARLIS/NA at its mid-year board meeting. It wants to streamline committees, roundtables etc. since they take up too much space at conference hotels. The results of their discussions are posted on the ARLIS/NA web site in a document titled "Special Announcement from the President." Any comments or suggestions as they continue this process can be sent to Ursula. In the mean time, the Indigenous Art Round Table and the Public Library Division have been dissolved. Because of patterns of waning interest and their ongoing decline in membership and participation, both groups were discussed at the Post-Conference Board meeting in St. Louis, as well as the Mid-Year Board meetings in New York. At the recommendation of members from these groups, the Board decided to dissolve them (in accordance with ARLIS/NA bylaws which state that Divisions, Sections and Roundtables may be disbanded by the Board if they no longer serve a useful function to the organization). Attendance at the St. Louis business meetings of both groups was minimal, and neither was able to identify a new Moderator. The Board hopes that those attending future Annual Conferences who share interests in these areas will begin to use the new self-scheduling option for their meetings and discussion groups. The new ARLIS/NA brochures will be out very soon.

Ursula also reminded us that money is available for special Chapter projects and she urged us to take a look at the possibilities for funding on the ARLIS/NA web site.

Suzy Frechette, Head Fine Arts Dept. at the St. Louis Public Library, will be the next Midwest Regional Representative. She will take over after the 2003 Annual Conference.

Answering a question from Leigh Gates, Ursula stated that the 2002 Annual Conference in St. Louis had been very successful financially.

Next, Alba suggested that the Chapter donate $400 to the Conference Welcome Party. The vote on this was unanimously positive.

After that, Alba put the proposal up for discussion to only have a Chapter Meeting at the Annual Conferences, because of the experienced difficulties to find local hosts for these meetings. A discussion followed on how membership of the Chapter could be promoted.

Ursula suggested that the Chapter would meet over a drink or dinner at the Annual Conference and would invite all students, while paying for them with chapter money (as an incentive). Leigh Gates thought that to be a smart move.

Alba remarked that the Chapter's bylaws presently stipulate that the Chapter meets at least twice a year. Therefore the bylaws would need to be revised in the spring (Article VIII-1).

Travel award: the Travel Award Committee will report at the Chapter's Spring Meeting.

Announcements: Marcy Neth announced that Lauren Lessing left the library field, and works as an art historian now in Kansas City.

Other: Ursula brought up the topic of creating ARLIS/NA student chapters. Alice Maggio replied that it is difficult for students to keep student chapters going, because they move so fast through the program and because sometimes there are few students. Alba wondered whether a national student chapter could be created. Ursula replied that it is financially difficult for students to attend the Annual Conferences. Anne Champagne wondered whether outreach could be done to students. In reply, Lois Travis suggested to get students involved in regional meetings and to establish mentor relations. Ursula and Jane suggested holding combined regional VRA/ARLIS meetings, so that students see both sides, and Ursula wondered whether the Chapter could give out travel awards to students for attending a regional conference, especially since sponsoring attendance of the annual Conference might be too costly for the Chapter (that would take at least $600.)

Nathaniel Feis suggested that the minutes of the Midwest Cataloging Group be posted on the Chapter's listserv (This group meets three times a year and is in its second year.)

Ursula thanked Alba for jumping in as President.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Kitty Jansen.