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Fall Business Meeting

ARLIS Midstates Chapter
Fall Business Meeting
Friday October 22, 2004
Indiana University, Bloomington IN
Fine Arts Library

Present: Erika Dowell, Jane Ferger, Eileen Fry, Jennifer Hehman, B.J. Kish Irvine, Catharine Jansen, Alba Fernandez-Keys, Ursula Kolmstetter, Kathleen Costello Lonbom, Alice Maggio, Bethany Sewell, Sonja Staum, Marsha Stevenson, Amy Trendler, Terrie Wilson,.

Meeting began at 3:30 p.m., conducted by Chair Terrie Wilson. The meeting's agenda included:

  • Welcome
  • Approval of minutes Spring 2004 meeting
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Nominations/Elections Committee report
    • Ballot
    • Call for additions
  • Travel Award Committee – call for volunteers
  • ARLIS/Midstates web site – call for volunteer(s)
  • Midstates Representative’s report
  • Donation to Houston conference welcome party
  • Spring’05 meeting
  • Report on 2008 ARLIS/NA annual conference in Indianapolis
  • Announcements/Other business

After the welcome, the minutes from the Spring 2004 Midstates Chapter meeting were amended and then approved. Minutes will be posted on the Chapter's web site:

(NOTE: The chapter's web site will now be institutionally hosted at:

Catharine Jansen, Midstates' Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report.

The Chapter presently has 29 members in good standing.
The Chapter's checking account balance as of 9/30/04 was $2,673.16. ($295.00 still had to be deposited, reimbursements of $46.75 (for stamps etc.) and $73.00 (for 2004 fall meeting parking passes) still had to be paid, which would bring the balance to $2,848.41.)
The balance of the Bill Bunce Travel Award account as of 9/30/04 was $2,287.50.
Income since 1/1/04 was $805.00, from 28 regular memberships, 1 student membership and 29 Fall meeting registrations.
Expenditures from the checking account since 1/1/04 were a $400 donation to the 2004 conference welcome party, a $250 matching gift for the Bill Bunce travel award, and $46.75 for the mailing of 45 Fall meeting invitations, for a total of $696.75.
Expenditures from the Bill Bunce Award account since 1/1/04 was $262.50. (Catharine will contact the bank about the $12.50 service fee that was incurred the past month.)

Jennifer Hehman, reported that Anne Champagne from the Art Institute in Chicago and Rijn Templeton from the University of Iowa had agreed to run for the position of Vice President. There were no more nominations from the floor. It was moved by B.J. Irvine and seconded by Eileen Fry to close the nomination. The motion passed unanimously.

Alba Fernandez-Keys, and Sonja Staum volunteered for the travel award committee.

Bethany Sewell, volunteered to host and maintain the chapter’s web site.

Terrie reported for Midwest Regional Representative Suzy Frechette, who was unable to attend the meeting. She also thanked everybody who contributed to the bid to host the 2008 annual conference in Indianapolis. She noted that the Central Plains and Ohio Valley Chapters were very supportive of the proposal.

Eileen Fry moved that $400 would be donated to the 2005 annual conference welcome party. The motion was seconded by Ursula Kolmstetter and passed unanimously.

The location of the chapter’s Spring 2005 Meeting will be Houston, during the 2005 annual ARLIS/NA conference.

B.J. Irvine, 2008 conference program chair/co-chair, and Ursula Kolmstetter, 2008 local arrangements co-chair reported on the preparations for the 2008 conference.

-B.J. discussed the ARLIS/NA Conference Planning Manual, which can be downloaded from the ARLIS/NA web site.

-Ursula talked about the dates for the conference. It would be possible to schedule the conference at the end of March and the beginning of April, between the conferences of the Catholic Education Association, which is scheduled at the end of March, and the conference of firefighters, which is scheduled to take place from April 8 until April 15.

-She mentioned three feasible hotels: the Westinn, the Adams Mark, and the Omni Severin (across from Union Station.)Eileen Fry mentioned that the Conrad Hilton would be finished by that time.

-Ursula will see what kind of programs etc. the AAM conference (May 1st-5th in Indianapolis) is going to offer next year. Jennifer Hehman suggested seeing how Iowa organizes their yearly conference for state librarians.

-Ursula notified the curators of her parent institution (The Indianapolis Museum of Art) regarding the 2008 conference, so they can plan exhibitions accordingly. Jennifer Hehman will notify the Historical Society and Catharine Jansen the curators of the Eiteljorg Museum, her parent institution. Catharine and Ursula will also notify the Indiana State Museum.

-B.J. suggested that all who will be involved in the organization of the 2008 conference meet at the 2007 conference, which will take place in Atlanta, and that all involved in the mean time look for do’s and don’ts at the upcoming conferences.

-Jennifer Hehman suggested asking the Indiana Library Federation (organizes a conference every year in April) about their lunches.

-Eileen suggested trying to schedule technology meetings on the IUPUI campus, since it would be expensive to schedule that kind of meetings in a hotel. But B.J. thought that there would be no time for walking between sessions. Terrie suggested off site workshops at IUPUI.

-Ursula thought an internet room would not be needed anymore, because hotel rooms now usually have internet connections.

-Sonja Staum suggested that a competition for the design of a banner for the conference, sponsored by a local company, would be held at the Herron School of Art.

-Ursula and B.J. will check out the needs for a logo and a program design with Headquarters.

-As title for the conference was suggested: ‘Art Information at the Crossroads’.

-Amy Trendler suggested posting a call for volunteers for the conference on ARLIS-L. Terrie will do that.

-We need a Development Coordinator. (During a preliminary meeting Alba Fernandez-Keys had already volunteered for Local Guide Editor, Eileen Fry and Terrie Wilson for Program Committee, Jennifer Hehman for Tour Coordinator, Jane Ferger and Bethany Sewell for Registration/ Hospitality Desk Coordinators, and Catharine Jansen for Exhibits Coordinator.) Terrie remarked that the University of Michigan was interested in participating in the organizing of the conference.

-Eileen suggested that some group from IU Bloomington should be responsible for the conference web site. She volunteered to be the web site coordinator.

-Sonja Staum volunteered to host the conference listserv (CONF-L).

Marsha Stevens from the University of Notre Dame announced that the University will advertise the position of Art and Architecture Librarian beginning in January for hiring by July 1st 2005 (to replace Jane Devine.)

Amy Trendler announced that Elizabeth Schmoeger is very excited to host the chapter’s Fall 2005 meeting at the Milwaukee Art Museum. There will be a curator’s tour of the exhibition of artworks from the Viennese Albertina Museum, and a tour of the new museum building.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Catharine Jansen
Secretary/Treasurer ARLIS Midstates Chapter

Catharine Jansen
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
500 West Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-636-9378 ext. 173