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<h1>Fall Business Meeting</h1>

<br>Friday October 28, 2005

<br>Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis 


<br>Present: Nicole Beatty, Jessica Bozeman, Stacy Brinkman, Sara Carter, Danita Davis, Annette Haines, Jennifer Hehman, Cheryl A. Hill, B.J. Irvine, Catharine Jansen, Alba Fernandez-Keys, Ursula Kolmstetter, Kathleen C. Lonbom, Megan Macken, Miriam Nelson, Rebecca Price, Bethany Sewell, Jessica Sowls, Sonja Staum, Marsha Stevenson, Rijn Templeton, Amy Trendler, Leslie K. Wakeford, Susan Winkler, Shelley Quattrocchi. 


<br>Meeting began at 11:40 a.m., conducted by Chair, Amy Trendler. The

meeting's agenda included:




<li>Approval of minutes Spring 2005 business meeting

<li>Treasurer's report 

<li>Midwest Representative's report 

<li>Election Committee 


     <li>Call for additional candidates 

<li>William C. Bunce/ARLIS Midstates Travel Award revisions 

<li>Donation to 2006 ARLIS/NA conference (Banff, Alberta) welcome party 

<li>ARLIS/NA 2009 Indianapolis 

<li>ARLIS/NA Resarch Awards applications due Nov. 4 

<li>Announcements / Other business


<br>After the welcome and introductions, the Spring 2005 minutes were approved as amended.  

<br>Catharine Jansen, Midstates Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report. She reported that as of 10/27/05 there were 41 members in good standing. The Chapter's checking account balance was $2,911.41 as of 12/31/04, $3088.55 as of 9/30/05. The balance of the Bill Bunce award account had remained the same since 12/31/04 ($2,300. No Travel Award was awarded in the spring of 2005.)

Expenditures from checking account since 1/1/05: $ 569.99 ($400 donation 2005 conference welcome party, $100 donation Fred Hillbruner Memorial Book Fund, $22.86 for mailing of 29 ballots, $18.50 for mailing of 50 membership renewal forms, $ 12.21 for  mailing of 33 additional membership forms, $16.42 for address labels.)


<br>Income since 1/1/05 was $978.00, earned from 35 regular memberships and 6 student memberships (3 regular members paid only $10), and 14 fall meeting registrations (which amounted to $248.00).


<br>A discussion followed about the lack of Midstates Chapter membership. Kathleen Lonbom mentioned networking as one of the benefits of the chapter. She suggested that everybody would contact (write a letter to) local institutions to recruit members. 

Rijn Templeton thought that it would be easier to work regionally and suggested giving out free one-year memberships, because institutions don’t promote ARLIS membership, and don’t pay for it. Some people don’t know about ARLIS. She cautioned that we should not wait until we need more members to organize the conference. BJ moved that an ad hoc membership committee be formed, and the motion carried. Bethany Sewell and Rebecca Price volunteered to serve on the committee. Bethany wondered whether we would be able to get funding for a membership drive from Head Quarters.


<br>Amy Trendler read the report from the Midyear Executive Board Meeting by Midwest Regional Representative Leigh Gates who was unable to attend the meeting.


<br>The nomination committee for the election of next year’s officers consists of Terri Wilson and Alba Keys. Candidates for Vice-Chair are Kathleen C. Lonbom and Annette Haines. Candidate for Treasurer is Shelley Quattrocchi. There were no more nominations from the floor.


<br>In regards to the Travel Award it was suggested to increase the amount to be given out for the 2006 Annual ARLIS/NA Conference in Banff since no award was given out in 2005 (Leslie K. Wakeford, Chicago Art Institute) or to give out two awards for the 2006  Conference (Rijn Templeton.) B.J. moved that, pending confirmation with Gordi Morey, two awards would be awarded for 2006. Alba Fernandez seconded the motion and the motion carried with all in favor.

Another motion carried to replace the word “national” with the word “international” in the award description. Kathleen C. Lonbom and Leslie K. Wakeford volunteered to be on the Travel Award Committee, and others are welcome to join them. The committee will decide on the  application deadline.


<br>B.J. moved that a donation of $300 would be given for the 2006 Conference Welcome Party. Ursula seconded and the motion carried with all in favor.


<br>Jennifer Hehman talked about the ideas that she had developed for tours for the 2009 Annual Conference in Indianapolis. The tour would cover architecture, decorative arts, urban planning, urban design, odd museums, the Children’s Museum, the Speedway and other topics.


<br>The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm.


<br>Respectfully submitted,

<br>Catharine Jansen

<br>Secretary/Treasurer ARLIS Midstates Chapter




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