ARLIS-NA Midstates Chapter
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ARLIS/NA Midstates Chapter Meeting

October 5, 2007
Indianapolis, IN

Present: Jessica Bozeman (IU-Bloomington & DePauw), Sprice Dean (IU-Bloomington), Erika Dowell (IU-Bloomington), Jane Ferger (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Alba Fernandez-Keys (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Eileen Fry (IU-Bloomington), Marc Gartler (Harrington College of Design), Leigh Gates (Art Institute of Chicago), Amy Griffin (IU-Bloomington), Annette Haines (University of Michigan), Jennifer Hehman (IUPUI-University Library), B.J. Kish Irvine (Bloomington, IN), Kitty Jansen (Eiteljorg Museum), Ursula Kolmstetter (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Rebecca Price (University of Michigan), Anna Proctor (IUPUI / Indianapolis Museum of Art), Shelley Quattrocchi (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Sonja Staum (Herron Art Library), Marsha Stevenson (University of Notre Dame), Amy Trendler (Ball State University), Tony White (IU-Bloomington), Terrie L. Wilson (Michigan State University).

Meeting called to order at 10:02 a.m.

Welcome By Annette

ARLIS/NA Executive Board Report by Amy Trendler
  • The Board continues to discuss the Assessment Task Force Recommendations and responses, including ways to maintain regional representation as the regional representative roles transition to functional Board roles.
  • The membership survey this past spring asked for feedback on several options, including tiered membership. The membership committee then prepared a report and sent it to the Board, which is reviewing their findings.
  • Dues will be increased sometime in the future, but not this year.
  • ARLIS/NA is going to provide more funding in order to raise the honoraria for non-ARLIS/NA speakers for the Denver conference. This additional funding does not include speakers for the convocation or plenary sessions, which are funded separately. ARLIS/NA formerly made $5,000.00 from the speakers' fund available for honoraria of $75 for local speakers and $150 for non-local. For the Denver conference up to $7,500.00 will be made available from the speakers' fund to support $150 honoraria for local speakers and $300 for non-local speakers. The board will be looking at ways to support this type of increase in the future.

Treasurer’s Report by Shelley Quattrocchi

Checking Acct. Balance as of April 24, 2007$3046.83
      Income (memberships)110.00
Balance as of October 5, 2007$3156.83
Bunce Acct. Balance as of April 24, 2007 $1800.00
      Income (none)
      Expenses (none)
Bunce Acct. Balance as of October 5, 2007 $1800.00

After reviewing the Treasurer’s Report dated April 24, 2007, a corrected, itemized April 24, 2007 Treasurer’s Report was submitted.

Election Committee Report by Alba Fernandez-Keys

  • A new Election Committee needs to be formed to select candidates for Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. Sarah Carter and Miriam Nelson, who formerly served on the Election Committee with Alba, have both relocated and are no longer part of ARLIS/NA Midstates. Leigh Gates and Sprice Dean volunteered to serve on the Election Committee.

Call for Volunteers Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer Positions – Annette Haines.
  • Kitty Jansen offered to serve as Secretary/ Treasurer for 2008-09. A nomination for Vice-Chair/Chair Elect is still needed.

Donation to the 2008 ARLIS/NA Conference, Denver – Annette Haines.
  • After a brief discussion, the chapter voted to send $300.00 for the Welcome Party in Denver.

Bunce Committee Volunteers – Annette Haines
  • Jessica Bozeman, Eileen Fry, and Rijn Templeton volunteered to serve on the next Bunce Travel Award Committee.

Website Committee
  • Jessica Bozeman is responsible for the ARLIS/NA Midstates web site. She noted that it might be good to use a server such as Memberclicks for the web site, so the web site administrators are not restricted to those who have an IU web account to maintain the ARLIS/NA Midstates website. She said there is not as much design flexibility on Memberclicks.

Conference Planning –Ursula Kolmstetter
  • Ursula Kolmstetter suggested to print out the Conference Planning Manual and number the pages, with the top page being page one. She will prepare a simple index for the manual. The Conference Planning Manual is available on www.arlisna.org .
  • B.J. Kish Irvine introduced Tony White, who is her replacement as one of the Program Co-Chairs. Tony told us a little about himself – his background with IU and Pratt Institute, and his activities with the New York chapter of ARLIS/NA. B.J. said that having the conference in Indianapolis was a dream of hers going back 10 years. She would like the 2009 conference to host an Indiana Reunion. B.J. also mentioned that we should feel free to use her name when making conference arrangements.

List of Committee Members-Responsibilities
  • Gaps in the list of conference responsibility assignments were filled. Leadership Breakfast – Leigh Gates; Website Coordinators – Erika Dowell and Nicole Beatty.
  • Eileen Fry and Tony White will look at conference programming for the last five years to see what has been done. A possible program on artist books was discussed. They will look at what needs to be covered in tech sessions, what has VRA had that ARLIS could use, and what is currently happening in library science.

Conference listserv (Google group)
  • A Google group must be set to email in order to function properly. Topics are archived as separate threads. Members will need to learn how to use the threads effectively. We will use a Google group until the CPAC listserv is sufficient for communication. Eileen will set up a Google group by the beginning of November. Information will be sent on Midstates-L by November 1st. Initially the Google group will provide a timeline and will be a way to send reminders to people. The thread on the Google group could be the timeline for 2008.

Logo – Advertising for Indianapolis 2009 at Denver 2008
  • The arrows logo will be used for the Denver promo. We discussed various promotional items such as a magnetic pen, a luggage tag, stickers, magnets and key chains. It was decided that we would go with a key chain because it is useful and cost-effective for the promotion. Some items, such as T-shirts, could be sold at the Indianapolis 2009 conference. The ARLIS/NA Midstates chapter pays for the promotional items.
  • Ursula visited the Indianapolis Tourism Bureau to see if they had any promotional tools for us to use. There is a 2.5-3 minute promotional film now in the process of being updated. It was suggested that we create a YouTube presence.

Tentative Conference Schedule
  • Thursday – Pre-conference Board Meeting.
    Friday evening – Welcome Party
    Saturday – Plenary session
    Sunday evening – Convocation/Reception
    Monday – Keynote speaker/membership meeting
  • The Indianapolis Museum of Art will donate space and staff for the convocation. The museum galleries and shop will be open the evening of the convocation and the IMA will donate the space and the staff for the gallery and museum shop. We need funds for food and decorations.

Welcome Party
  • The Eiteljorg is a possible venue. The Historical Society was also mentioned as a possible venue for the Welcome party. Options were discussed for the Society Circle Reception, and it was suggested that it be located near the Welcome Party so that people would have enough time to attend both.
  • The possibility of piggybacking with IMA visiting artists’ programs was discussed. An example of this would be Peter Eisenman & Robert Irwin in Conversation.

Keynote Speakers & Plenary Sessions
  • Brian Payne, President of Central Indiana Community Foundation, was mentioned as a likely candidate for the keynote speaker.

Local Sponsors & Donors
  • ARLIS/NA Midstates will compile a list of possible sponsors and donors and give the list to ARLIS/NA Development. One possibility of a local sponsor for conference bags is IU Press.

Tours for 2009 Conference
  • Jennifer discussed the tours she had put together. There was some discussion regarding how many tours are we required to submit to CPAC.

Distinguished Service Award
  • Annette asked if there is any one we would like to nominate for the next Distinguished Service award. Submissions are due 1/9/08. She also announced that the Midwestern Art Catalogers Discussion Group will meet 11/2/07 in Chicago.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:10 p.m. and the group went to the Eiteljorg to have lunch and view a possible space for the Welcome Party.

Marriott Hotel Tour

  • At 2:00 p.m. we met at the Marriot Hotel. Hotel staff took two separate groups on a guided tour of the conference spaces and a prototype of the remodeled guest rooms. We had the opportunity to ask hotel staff questions about hotel amenities and layout.

The meeting adjourned informally at about 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Shelley Quattrocchi ARLIS/NA Midstates Secretary Treasurer squattrocchi@ima.museum