ARLIS-NA Midstates Chapter
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ARLIS/NA Midstates Chapter Meeting

Fall Business Meeting
Friday November 7, 2008
Herron School of Art, IUPUI Campus, Indianapolis

Present: Nicole Beatty (IU Bloomington), Jessica Bozeman (student, DePauw/IU Bloomington), Deborah Evans Cantrell (student, IU Bloomington) Eileen Fry (IU Bloomington), Bethany Gray (IU Bloomington), Amy Griffin (student, IU Bloomington), Annette Haines (U of Michigan), Laura Haxer (Harrington College of Design), Jennifer Hehman (IUPUI), B.J. Irvine (retired, IU Bloomington), Kitty Jansen (Eiteljorg Museum), Alba Fernandez-Keys (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Kim Lesley (student, IU Bloomington), Kathleen C. Lonbom (Illinois State U), Emilee Mathews (student, IU Bloomington), Rebecca Price (U. of Michigan), Sonja Staum (IUPUI Herron Art Library), Marsha Stevenson (U of Notre Dame), Rijn Templeton (U of Iowa), Amy Trendler (Ball State U), Tony White (IU Bloomington), Susan Jane Williams (Archivision), Terrie Wilson (Michigan State), Shelley Quattrocchi(Indianapolis Museum of Art).

Meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m., conducted by Chair, Marsha Stevenson. The meeting's agenda included:

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Approval of minutes from Spring meeting
  • Secretary/Treasurer report (Kitty Jansen)
  • Bunce Travel Award (Jessica Bozeman, Eileen Fry, Rijn Templeton)
  • Donation to 2009 Conference
  • Silent Auction (Rebecca Price)
  • Timing of membership renewals (Kitty Jansen)
  • Elections Committee (Annette Haines, Rijn Templeton)
  • Website Committee (Jessica Bozeman)
  • Report from Regional Representative (Amy Trendler)
  • Announcements
  • Conference 2009 planning (Updates from Working Groups, plans and progress reports)

  • After the welcome by Marsha and introductions, the Spring 2008 minutes were approved. Minutes have been posted on the Chapter's web site.
  • Kitty Jansen, Midstates Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report. She reported that as of 10/31/08 there were 31 members in good standing. The Chapter's checking account balance was $1,924.21 as of 10/31/08. The balance of the Bill Bunce award account: $1,550.Expenditures from checking account since 1/1/08: $691.52 ($500 Bill Bunce award, $191.52 in reimbursements of goods bought for the 2008 Conference Silent Auction.) Income since 1/1/08 was $575, earned from 25 regular memberships and 6 student memberships.
  • Upon request, Eileen Fry explained to the new chapter members what the William C. Bunce/ARLIS Midstates Travel Award is about, this year’s recipient being Meredith Kahn from the University of Michigan.
  • A motion was passed that the donation for the 2009 Conference Welcome Party would stay at the level of $300. Sonja noted that the Development Committee will become more active after November 18th.
  • Tony White suggested that the announcement for the Silent Auction would go out early. A discussion followed about the problems encountered when bringing auction items (such as liquids, gels and cheese) on the plane. It was thought that it would be better to mail the items to the hotel and back to homes. The hotel needs to be asked about a cut-off date for sending items there. Alba Fernandez-Keys volunteered to coordinate the mailing of items to the homes of the winners. Shelley mentioned that people are planning to donate more works of art and that we should ask the hotel for a display wall. The Silent Auctions at St Louis, Houston, Banff, and Atlanta brought in: $6000, $1900, $4200, and $2986 respectively. Eileen suggested that the theme for the Auction would be “Circles”.
  • Kitty Jansen elaborated on the problem concerning membership renewals, that members who wait until the fall meeting to renew their membership for the year later think that they renewed for the upcoming year. After some discussion it was decided that several reminders regarding membership renewal would go out on the listserv in January and thereafter. Members who fail to renew by the deadline of April 1st will receive one or more individual reminders.
  • There was no news from the website committee.
  • Amy Trendler presented the Midwest Regional Representative's report. She reported that the Membership Dues Increase proposal was approved by the ARLIS/NA membership. The online membership renewal starts next week. The search for a new management company is still in effect, an invitation was sent out to management companies and suggestions for companies are welcome. The contract of the present company expires May 1st 2009.The membership directory is now available online as a PDF file, it is not clear whether there will be a print-on-demand option. Next spring, ArtDoc will become a peer reviewed publication. Some older Occasional Papers will be available online for free. The slate of new officers for the ARLIS/NA board will be definitive November 9th.The whole board will be encouraged to attend chapter meetings during the transitional period between Regional Representatives and Functional Liaisons.
  • Marsha Stevenson started a discussion whether our chapter had conducted joined meetings with other chapters in the past. It was reported that there had been a joint meeting with the Ohio Valley Chapter 10 years ago, and a joint meeting with the VRA chapter in Chicago in 2001.
  • Amy announced that Chair Elect Mark Gartler (Harrington College of Design) is preparing the ACRL Arts Guide for the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago and would like some help with that.
  • There being no other announcements, the 2009 Conference planning meeting was started at 9:45 am.

2009 Conference Planning

Conference planning (Tony White and Eileen Fry)

Tony’s update:

  • Sixty session and workshop proposals have been winnowed down to twenty-two.
  • The preliminary program will be announced online next week.
  • The Boston Conference organizing group approached Tony and Eileen and will be added to the Google group next week.
  • After December 15 the announcement for self-scheduled meetings will go out online. For meetings of thirty or more attendants a room can be reserved. (There will be more small rooms available than in Denver.)
  • The following workshops will be held: a Google Mash-up Workshop (twice: on Thursday and Tuesday. IUPUI is providing technology rooms that can hold thirty-three people; five IUPUI librarians will be able to attend each session for free.); a Decision Tree Workshop, a Resume Workshop, some kind of book art workshop (paper making/artist books, in Bloomington, or at the Herron School of Art), an ARLIS/NA Career Mentoring Program Workshop, and an artist books cataloging workshop as the “They never covered that in library school” Workshop.

Eileen’s update:
  • Eileen went over the program as it had been developed so far. Attention has been paid to what has been scheduled at the same time to avoid planning sessions simultaneously that are potentially interesting to the same people. She mentioned the problem that the scheduling of user groups can’t be controlled unless they can’t be self-scheduled.
  • A discussion followed concerning problems around the mentoring program (that is going to be or has been renamed “Networking Program”.)
  • Eileen started a discussion about which “Denver Firsts” will be continued, no-conflict time for exhibitors, being one of them.  
  • Alba suggested offering a fast luncheon option (possibly from a cart), for the half hour breaks between sessions. (The hotel was asked about this during the afternoon tour and it was confirmed that this option can be offered.)
  • A discussion followed about the continuation of the sign-up dinners. It was suggested to let the sign-up take place through the Hospitality desk, or better still, online. A volunteer would be needed to coordinate and make the reservations two days in advance, and local volunteers to take the groups out to dinner.
  • A discussion followed about the Internet Café. Info about the free wireless zone(s) (at Monument Circle) needs to get out to the conference attendants
After an intermission of 15 minutes, the meeting continued with:

Updates from working groups, plans and progress reports on tours, exhibits, Local Guide, and IU SLIS reunion.

  • Jennifer Hehman, Tour Coordinator, provided the latest draft of the tours program. The tours were selected in conjunction with certain sessions. Twenty-six escorts will be needed. BJ offered to be one of the escorts for the tour in Bloomington.
  • Shelley Quattrocchi, one of the Exhibits Coordinators, reported that, in order to become “greener”, it was decided that paper copies of the exhibitor prospectus will only be sent out on request. She was wondering where the Web 2.0 and the Internet Café are going to be located and what the nature of the technical support in the hotel is going to be. These questions were going to be verified during the hotel tour in the afternoon. We also need good information on parking and the room cost of the hotel and the room block for Thursday through Monday night needs to be confirmed. She was also wondering about the nature of the e-blasts that apparently were sent out to the exhibitors in conjunction with the Denver Conference. A discussion followed in regards to how the “Meet the Vendors” program needed to be organized. Tony suggested that this would be handled by the Professional Development Council. He suggested appealing to the emeriti members to get involved in this.  Marsha noted that a table needed to be set aside for the Wittenborn Committee. It was decided that the Silent Auction items were not going to be dispersed over the vendor tables, but that they needed to be kept together, possibly under a big banner.

Alba continues working on the Local Guide and Sonja is working on the IU SLIS reunion.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am to be followed by a brainstorm session at the Conference hotel after lunch.

After lunch, from 1:15 to 2:15 pm a brainstorm session on “Indy Firsts” took place. Some of the ideas that were discussed:

  • Have a circle and convergence theme for the conference such as in session signs, vendor balloons, round create-your-own-tag-cloud-name tags etc.
  • Puffball buttons for committee members.
  • Going green: for example by giving out refillable water bottles and making the brochures electronic.
  • Have tech savvy people available on Friday and Saturday to help attendees getting connected on their own laptop.
  • “Circle City Spotlights”
  • Continuing these “Denver Firsts” too: a complimentary membership breakfast, the “Meet the Vendors” program (but better organized), three life poster sessions, the blog, the self scheduling of committee meetings.
  • The Art Techtonic (web interviews on tech topics) will not be continued.
The brainstorm session was followed by an hour long tour of the conference venue.

Respectfully submitted,
Kitty Jansen
Secretary/Treasurer ARLIS Midstates Chapter (kjansen@eiteljorg.com)