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Spring Business meeting

Friday May 11, 2001
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

Meeting was begun at 10:08 Chair Sonja Staum-Kuniej. The agenda for the meeting included:

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Approval of Fall, 2000 meeting minutes
  • Treasurer's report
  • Midwest Regional Rep report
  • Midstates Website update
  • Newsletter update
  • ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan action items discussion
  • Chapter Funds/Special Projects
    • Kosovo
    • Arlis/NA Strategic Plan action items
    • Mid-States Travel award proposal
    • Mid-States Internship proposal
  • St. Louis Conference - Internet Room
  • Michigan Chapter to join Midstates Chapter
  • Midstates/Twin Cities Joint Chapter meeting
  • Fall meeting site
  • Announcements
  • Other

Minutes of Oct. meeting were reviewed by membership. Leigh Gates noted the closing time change to the October minutes from 4:40pm to 3:30pm. Leigh then made the first motion to accept, Cate Cooney seconded the motions. The minutes were passed by 'voice vote'.

Tom Hartmann delivered the report that there was $1894.14 in savings and checking, with no outstanding bills, and finances in good condition.

Ursula Kolmstetter next gave the Midwest Regional Representative report. She spoke on the ARLIS/NA travel awards reminding people to reply to Trudy Jacoby of ARLIS/NA. Ms. Kolmstetter announced the Michigan Chapter hasn't met in 2 years and has decided to dissolve. Michigan chapter members will vote on dissolution. She indicated there has been some discussion that the Michigan Chapter will combine with the Midstates Chapter. More will follow from Headquarters in the near future. Ms. Kolmstetter announced the IFLA conference in Boston Summer 2001. If members have suggestions, submit these to Ursula for August meeting. She reminded people of the IFLA pre-conference session, June 15-16, "Changing Imagery Research". Ms. Kolmstetter then gave an update to members present on the ARLIS Membership breakfast meeting held during the annual conference in LA, 2001. She spoke about the handouts provided during the membership breakfast on "How to Conduct an Effective Business Meeting." [A set of notes on same was later passed out to members by Ursula.]

The meeting then moved on to the ARLIS Midstates Website. Sonja Staum-Kuniej gave a brief history/update of the project. Fred Hillbrunner demonstrated the work he had completed on the web site to date. Open discussion followed regarding the site's content, design and the following: What will our domain be? Should the domain be under an institution/organization? Will webmaster/editor be same person? It was determined by consensus that the domain should be within an organization, and, that Fred Hillbrunner and Cate Cooney would oversee the design/content of the site. They will bring a draft back to the membership during the Fall 2001 meeting for feedback and approval. It was suggested that the webmaster/editor be the same individual. Cate Cooney volunteered to serve as the webmaster/editor.

Discussion returned to the Midstates web site content/design. Jane Darcovich recommended we link ARLIS Midstates to the VRA Midwest web site. Fred noted that member institutions have some images of their art works portrayed on ARLIS site. Cate Cooney emphasized that efforts be made to ensure the site is ADA compliant. There was a discussion of which colors were readable and not so readable on websites-magenta, blue, etc. Micheal Geerdaedt, suggested there be a direct link to member libraries? If the library doesn't have a web presence then it was suggested that the library's contact information be provided.

Discussion regarding the Midstates newsletter followed. Questions raised included - should the newsletter be continued? If so, what format? [print/electronic?] Should it become part of the website and fall under an announcements section? Consensus was to rethink/reformat the newsletter and place it at the Midstates website under an announcements / what's new button.

It was noted that there was a need for a complete and up-to-date membership list that might be posted at the web site. Consensus was that the current membership list would be the responsibility of the Secretary/Treasurer. Leigh Gates offered to assist Tom Hartmann in creating a current Midstates membership list in Excel.

Discussion of the ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan action items followed. Sonja noted that Cate, Tom, and she had had discussions regarding our chapter funds and ways in which the membership might support some of the ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan action items. It was suggested that there might be special professional development projects/activities that could be funded in part from the Chapter monies. The items up for discussion were a Midstates Travel Award and a Midstates Internship.

Discussion followed as to the activities and amounts which might be targeted from chapter monies towards those activities. Consensus was to follow up on the Midstates Travel Award and not a Midstates Internship. Discussion then focused on some of the possible criteria, amounts, potential contributors, and such. It was suggested that the guidelines, criteria, procedures be easy and simple to implement and that perhaps the internship be geared towards the entry level professional for attendance at a National [or Regional] meeting. It was suggested that the Chapter might consider collaborating with the ARLIS Development Committee and local library schools for supporting matching funds the Chapter might provide towards the travel award. An ad-hoc committee was formed to explore the establishment of an ARLIS Midstates Travel Award. Sonja Staum-Kuniej, David Austin, Maureen Lasko, and Dennis McGuire volunteered to serve on the Midstates Travel Award committee.

In response to the conversations regarding Chapter funds and activities Dennis McGuire suggested that the Chapter membership dues be reviewed for a possible increase. Cate Cooney suggested doubling of rates from 10.00 per year to 20.00 per year. A motion was made by Julie Teipel to raise the dues to 20.00, it was seconded by Peter Blank and passed on verbal vote. The student rate will remain same.

Next on the agenda was the ARLIS/NA annual conference in St. Louis. Sonja noted that the St. Louis planning group needs assistance with the Internet room. She explained responsibilities would include trouble-shooting and overseeing the room during open times. No volunteers came forward. Sonja asked that interested individuals email either Sonja or the conference committee to volunteer.

Next, Jane Darcovich spoke about a tentative joint regional ARLIS/VRA Midstates Chapters meeting. She noted discussions were in the works and plans would be forthcoming for tentative dates of Fall 2002. The meeting would be hosted by ARLIS in Minneapolis.

Next on the agenda was the Midstates nominating committee. Sonja announced that the ballot for the upcoming Midstates Officers' election would include the Secretary/Treasurer and the Chair-Elect positions. Sonja asked for volunteers to serve on the Midstates Nominating committee. She noted that according to the Chapter bylaws, the Midwest Nominating committee is to be convened by July 1, 2001. No volunteers came forward. Sonja said she would be contacting individuals to serve.

The Fall 2001 meeting was next on the agenda. Sonja asked members present for volunteers to host the Fall meeting. Cate Cooney suggested Milwaukee as the Fall 2001 meeting location. Some discussion followed. Cate Cooney volunteered to follow up to arrange a Fall meeting in Milwaukee.

Discussion returned to the issue of current membership recruitment/lists/processes. As a result an ad-hoc membership committee was convened which included Ursula Kolmstetter, Leigh Gates, Michael Geeraedts, Julie Teipel, and Tom Hartmann. The charge of the committee was to review recruitment and membership processes.

Motion to adjourn was moved by Peter Blank, and seconded by Leigh Gates at 12:00 noon.