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Spring Business Meeting

Friday May 31, 2002
Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

Present: Mary Clare Brady, Erika Dowell, Jane Ferger, Eileen Fry, Betty Jo Irvine Alba Fernandez, Catharine Jansen, Kathleen Costello Lonbom, Janice McNeill, Dorothy Nicholson, Sonja Staum-Kuniej, Terrie Wilson, Amy Trendler.

Meeting was begun at 3:55 pm by Chair, Sonja Staum-Kuniej. The agenda of the meeting included:

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Bill Bunce Memorial Fund
  • Approval of Minutes [5/11/01; 11/02/01]
  • Election Report - Change of Officers 2002
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Bank Account Transfer
  • Accounts
  • Membership Mailing List
  • Midwest Rep Report
  • Bylaws update
  • Membership requirements reminder
  • Election procedures change [one-person ballot approval by membership; email ballots]
  • Invitation to join the VRA Midwest and ARLIS Twin Cities Joint meeting in Minneapolis October, 2002 [Minerva Symposium on Digital Projects in Minnesota]
  • Chapter Travel Award
  • Chapter Listserv
  • Chapter Website
  • Future meetings [annual conference or not]
  • Professional Development activities for meetings
  • Announcements/Other

Sonja Staum-Kuniej thanked Alba Fernandez for hosting the meeting and Alba in her turn thanked her colleague Sonja Borntrager for her help in hosting this event. Then Betty Jo Irvine reminisced about Bill (William C.) Bunce, a Chapter member who passed away recently. The Chapter has donated $100 to the memorial fund that was established in his memory.

The minutes of the previous Spring (May 2001) and Fall (Nov. 2001) Meetings were approved. Sonja announced that because of a change in the Chapter's bylaws (VII.2), which had been approved by the Chapter members in December 2001, the nominating committee could present a 'one-candidate' ballot in the absence of two or more candidates per office. She explained that she had volunteered to serve another term as Chair after the resignation of the Chair-Elect position had left the Chapter without a succeeding Chair for the 2002 term. This had been approved by the membership on the 'multipurpose form' that had been sent out in November 2001. She then asked for two volunteers to form a nominating committee by July. This committee will put together a new ballot. (The ballots will need to be mailed to members by December 1, and returned by the membership by December 15.) Betty Jo Irvine volunteered to work on a nominating committee, together with Jane Ferger.

Kitty Jansen then delivered the Treasurer's report. On 3/27/02 a new account had been established at the Old National Bank in Indianapolis. The balance in the account was $2,265.89. $1,748.94 had been transferred from the bank account in Chicago; income from 23 membership renewals, 4 Fall Meeting luncheon payments and 9 Spring Meeting reservations had been $668.50. Besides the above-mentioned donation of $100 expenses had been $51.55, for the printing of new checks. At the meeting Sonja presented another check received from the previous Secretary/Treasurer Tom Hartmann for $106.25, which constituted the rest of the Chicago account, after reimbursing himself for the postage paid ($11.75) to mail the Secretary/Treasurer records to Indianapolis. Kitty then went ahead to report on the membership mailing list. She explained that assistants of Sonja had combined Chapter member lists from headquarters and Tom Hartmann. Kitty has updated this list and will continue to do so as membership renewals come in. Headquarters also sent electronic files with names and addresses of ARLIS members from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin that had indicated an interest in the Chapter on the national membership renewal forms. Alba Fernandez sent out invitations for the Spring Meeting to these people and to the people on the combined Chapter membership list. Invitations to the meeting were also posted on the listservs of Library Science Schools in Indiana and Illinois.

A discussion followed on how membership of the Chapter could be promoted. Eileen Fry suggested doing special outreach for the upcoming Fall Meeting, especially towards the members of the dissolved Michigan Chapter. Alba Fernandez suggested sending electronic invitations to ARLIS members in other states. Amy Trendler suggested that on the ARLIS international membership renewal form a clarification be added concerning the coverage area of each chapter. She also indicated a lack of communication between Headquarters and the chapters concerning members that had indicated an interest in a particular chapter on the international membership renewal form.

Sonja then proceeded to summarize the Midwest Regional Representative report that had been submitted to her by Ursula Kolmstetter, who could not attend the meeting. Ursula and Laurie Whitehill Chong are updating and revising the chapter success book. The handbook should be fully revised and available on the Arlis web site (AWS) after the Board meeting in August. Vicky Roper from ARLIS Headquarters developed a web based management online calendar ( If a committee would like to place something on this calendar, it should contact Vicky Roper ( Headquarters is working on a new logo for ARLIS/NA, it will be used on all mailings and AWS. The deadline for special funding of chapter projects is May 31. Guidelines and application forms can be found on AWS in the chapter success book under "special funding guidelines" ( The URL for the application form: There are also research awards available. (For example, the Wilson award supports works in process. Guidelines can be found under: The WWB award is another resource to support publications and electronic resources. This award also applies for work already don, it supports traveling, etc. (Guidelines can be found under wwbkguid.html, for publications, and, for electronic resources.) Ursula encouraged members to take full advantage of these funds, since it seems that many ARLIS members do research, while few apply for funding.

The change in the bylaws of ARLIS/NA and of the Chapter was the next item on the agenda. Sonja had received a reminder from Chapter member Leigh Gates for all national members to read the revisions to article IX of the Society's bylaws, concerning the method of choosing candidates, which had been approved by the Executive Board prior to the Annual Conference and that are now being submitted to the membership for approval. She urged that members would return their ballot before the deadline.

In regards to changes in the Chapter bylaws, Sonja suggested that Article VIII-1 that stipulates that there be at least two meetings a year, in the future might need to be revised too. In regards to the membership requirements, Eileen Fry remarked that in the big cities a problem exists in that people want to attend chapter meetings but not the Annual International Conference. It might be wise to have only one meeting that would always be held in Chicago, where a lot of the (potential) chapter members work and which is more centrally located.

A discussion followed on how attendance of Chapter meetings could be kept up and improved. Suggestions that were made: limit the number of meetings (Janice McNeill), joint meetings where people can carpool (Eileen Fry), hold one of the Chapter business meetings at the Annual International Conference, which many Chapter members already might be attending and where already attractive programs are in place. A drawback would be that not all Chapter members attend this conference (Alba Fernandez). A discussion followed on whether the Chapter would need to apply for a meeting room for the next Conference right now. Other suggestions were: to meet in a restaurant (Eileen Fry) or use a 'flexible room' at the Conference (Erika Dowell). Sonja will explore the various possibilities.

The next bylaw issue that was discussed was the number of members needed for a quorum. B. J. Irvine suggested checking the new Roberts Rules, to see whether this issue can be avoided by not mentioning the word 'quorum' in a meeting. Janice McNeill thought a quorum is also needed for financial decisions. There were no further questions concerning the bylaws.

Next on the agenda was the invitation from VRA Midwest Chapter Chair and Midstates Chapter member Jane Darcovich to join the VRA Midwest and ARLIS Twin Cities joint meeting in Minneapolis, October 2002. The meeting will be scheduled so that attendants who wish to can stay for the Minerva Symposium on Digital Projects in Minnesota ( that is also planned for October in Minneapolis. The consensus of the Chapter members was that, although the program would be a wonderful program to attend, they didn't feel that they could commit to traveling so far at this time due to workloads and organizational support. After reviewing the list of people who had indicated on the membership renewal form that they were willing to host a Chapter meeting, it was decided to have the Fall Meeting at the Terra Museum in Chicago, provided that Janice McNeill, who generously offered to host the meeting, will be able to secure a large enough meeting space.

Chapter Listserv. At Alba's request a paper was circulated for attendants to write their addresses and e-mail addresses, since she had encountered problems when sending out the invitations for the Spring Meeting. Because time was short, most attendants provided business cards to the Secretary/Treasurer to update the mailing list. In regards to the Chapter website, Kitty Jansen suggested to post the minutes of previous Chapter meetings. It was also suggested to provide links to institutions of members.

Sonja then announced that she had received an update from Chapter member Jane Devine on the Books for Kosovo project: Ten boxes had been mailed to Kosovo using the address posted by Robert Craddick on ARLIS-L, but all were returned to their library when no one picked them up from the Open Society Foundation. Jane reported that she had spoken to Robert and that he is trying to contact the people coordinating the effort to see if they should mail the shipment to another address. Jane will keep the chapter informed on this.

Travel award: Sonja announced that she has a draft travel award ready to distribute to members who had expressed interest in working on the travel award project. She will be distributing the document for review and input in the near future.

Chapter website: Erika Dowell has taken the files for the Chapter website started by Fred Hillbrunner and Cate Cooney. The site looks great, Erika has done a great job. She circulated the URL to members. Please send comments and suggestions to Erika.

Professional Development activities for chapter meetings that were suggested on the membership renewal forms:

  • Slide digitations projects
  • Tours of exhibits at Chicago art Institute
  • Tours of exhibits at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis
  • Meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Storage solutions (space design, creative use of readymade shelving and supplies to accommodate oddly shaped collections)
  • How to advertise your collections- collaborative exhibits ideas and considerations

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Kitty Jansen.