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Spring Business Meeting

Monday March 24, 2003
Art Libraries Society Annual Conference
Baltimore, Maryland

Present: Alba Fernandez, Terrie Wilson, Erika Dowell, B.J. Irvine, Jing Liao, Ursula Kolmstetter, Suzy Frechette, Chris Quinn, Dennis McGuire, Nathaniel Feis, Amy Trendler, Hannah Bennett, Jennifer Hehman, Lyn Korenic, Debra Ultan, K.C. Elhard.

Meeting began at 4:00pm, conducted by Chair, Alba Fernandez. The agenda of the meeting included:

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Approval of Fall 2002 business meeting minutes
  • Treasurer's Report (Wilson)
  • CIC Survey (Irvine)
  • Election Committee
  • Change in By Laws
  • Travel Award
  • Fall 2003 meeting
  • Announcements / Other business

The minutes of the Fall 2002 business meeting were approved and will be posted on the Chapter's web site (

Terrie Wilson presented the Treasurer's Report on behalf of the chapter's Secretary/Treasurer, Kitty Jensen, who was unable to attend. As of March 18, 2003, the chapter's account balance was $2,320.26. Income for the chapter came from $170 in memberships and $184.87 from Fall meeting registrations (total income $354.87). Expenses were $400 for a donation for the Welcome Party of the 2003 Baltimore conference. The chapter has 33 members, 5 having renewed their membership so far. In addition to letters sent to current members, invitations to join the chapter were sent to 50 potential members on March 10, 2003. Addresses for these individuals were obtained from ARLIS/NA headquarters. Membership fees are due by April 1, 2003; the form for membership is available on the chapter's web site.

B.J. Irvine presented an explanation and summary of a CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) Art Libraries Survey. As almost all of the CIC, i.e. "Big Ten", libraries are part of the Midstates' chapter, the information was relevant to those in attendance. The survey was prompted by earlier models done at other institutions and was distributed via the CIC Art Libraries listserv. There was a good response rate, and a wealth of general data was collected. A follow up survey will be conducted to clarify and augment questions regarding reference statistics, local digital initiatives, staffing, hours of operation and collection budgets.

Alba asked for 2 volunteers to serve on the election committee. Nathaniel Feis and Hannah Bennett cheerfully volunteered!

Alba led a discussion of changing the by laws to reflect the chapter members' desire to have a regional meeting in the Fall only, with a second business meeting to be held at the annual conference. After some discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the by laws can remain as they are currently, without changes.

The issue of a chapter travel award was raised by Alba. In the past, the chapter had formed a sub-committee to address this topic, but questions existed about the purpose of the award, precedent followed by other chapters, and whether or not the award was for a regional meeting or the annual conference led to a lengthy discussion. Lyn Korenic suggested directing all or a portion of the William C. Bunce Memorial Fund toward the travel award. Bill Bunce was the head of the Kohler Art Library at UW-Madison and passed away last year. Lyn agreed to investigate what other chapters do in terms of similar awards and how the award would be sustained (the memorial fund is a fixed amount). After she has this information, Lyn will talk to Bill's partner, Gordie Morey, about the idea. After she has talked to Gordie, the topic will be pursued via the chapter's listserv. Questions about how the fund will be administered, and by whom, were raised, but in general, the members favored the idea. Other suggestions were to allow for flexibility in terms of how often the award was granted and what the amount might be. B.J. moved for a vote to set the process of awarding the William C. Bunce / ARLIS-Midstates Travel Award" in motion, and it was approved unanimously. Further discussion ensued. Alba and Terrie will draft language for the award, which will be for the annual conference, with an amount that will not be specified. A committee will be appointed, by Alba, to process applications and make recommendations on a winner. Applications will be due 4 weeks after the Fall meeting; announcements of the award will be made early to generate interest, and will be promoted via ARLIS-L and the chapter's listserv. All amendments to the original vote were approved unanimously.

Next, Alba suggested that the Fall 2003 meeting be held in conjunction with a meeting of the Midwest Art Cataloging Group. Programming suggestions are welcome and should be emailed to either Alba or Nathaniel Feis. Possible involvement of regional VRA chapters was suggested, and potential meeting sites were offered. A popular idea for a location was the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (near Detroit).

Ursula introduced the new Midwest Regional representative, Suzy Frechette, of the St. Louis Public Library. Welcome Suzy!

B.J. brought up the topic of hosting an annual ARLIS/NA conference in Indianapolis. Renovations at both the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Herron School of Art should be completed by 2007, so that is a possible target date. B.J. is willing to serve as conference co-chair. The Midstates chapter, along with the Ohio Valley, Central Plains, and the Twin Cities chapters, would likely offer support in planning and hosting the conference.

Jennifer Hehman mentioned that she has a chapter in the Herron Chronicle Centennial, published the week of the conference.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm.

Respectfully submitted, Terrie Wilson