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Spring Business Meeting

ARLIS Midstates Chapter
Spring Business Meeting
Monday April 19, 2004
Roosevelt Hotel, New York

Present: Present: Alba Fernandez-Keys, Terrie Wilson, Suzy Frechette, Annette Haines, Nicole Finzer, Ursula Kolmstetter,Tony White, Angela Falsey, Rebecca Price, Nancy Ford, Leigh Gates, Sonja Staum, Kathleen Lonbom, Jennifer Hehman, Vicky Bohm, Lyn Korenic, Jane Devine Mejia, Robert Metrick, Linda Duychak, Catharine Jansen.

Meeting began at 6:00 p.m., conducted by Chair Terrie Wilson. The meeting's agenda included:

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Approval of the Fall 2003 business meeting
  • Travel Award Announcement/ Presentation
  • Treasurer's Report
  • ARLIS/Midstates web site – call for volunteer(s)
  • Nominations/Elections Committee – Call for volunteers
  • Fall 2004 meeting
  • Proposal to bring ARLIS/NA annual conference to Indianapolis in 2008
  • Announcements/Other business

After the welcome, the minutes from the Spring 2004 Midstates Chapter meeting were amended and then approved. Minutes will be posted on the Chapter's web site:

(NOTE: The chapter's web site will now be institutionally hosted at:

Travel Award was presented to Kathleen Lonbom Costello, Milner Library at Illinois State University, by Terrie Wilson. Terrie gave a short presentation about the history of the William C. Bunce Travel Award, and recognized donors for the award Gordon (Gordie) H. Morey and Robert C. Kaufmann. She also thanked Annette Haines for making the nice award certificate.

Catharine Jansen, Midstates' Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report. So far, 19 individuals had renewed their membership for 2004. The Chapter's account balance as of 4/9/04 was $2,533.16. Expenses for 2003 and 2004, since the Fall 2003 meeting, were the $400 donation to the New York Welcome Party, the $250 matching donation to the Travel Award, and $47.10 for the Fall 2003 meeting, for incurred expenses that were not paid for by registration fees. Income for the fall of 2003 and the spring of 2004 was $480, earned from 23 regular memberships, and 2 student memberships. The balance of the Award account as of 3/31/04 was $2300.

Jane Devine, University of Notre Dame, announced that the books on 20th century art that were donated to Kosovo, were returned. She was not able to establish contact, although she tried so repeatedly. Therefore the books would need to be donated elsewhere, maybe to the Dominican Republic. Jennifer Hehman suggested donating them to Dubrovnik, but, according to Jane, a personal contact would be needed to send the books to. Jennifer’s next suggestion was Ethiopia, since there are services that collect books for Africa. It was decided that Jane will investigate the possibilities and will post a message on the ARLIS/NA listserv to tell where the books will go.

Terrie announced that we need a volunteer to host and maintain the chapter’s web site, since Erika Dowell, Indiana University, has left art librarianship. Volunteers should contact Terrie.

Kitty Jansen and Jennifer Hehman, both from Indianapolis, volunteered for the Nominating Committee. They only need to nominate candidates for the position of Vice-President

Discussion followed about the location of the chapter’s Fall Meeting. Ursula suggested Milwaukee, with its remarkable new museum building. Terrie will contact Elisabeth Schmoeger about this. B.J. suggested Bloomington with its fall colors, a possible tour of the Kinsey Institute’s erotic art collection, and the Frederic Hart Benton murals.

Dicussion continued about the possibility of the Chapter submitting a bid to host the 2008 annual conference in Indianapolis. There is strong regional support for this idea. B.J. Irvine, Indiana University, volunteered to serve as conference program chair/co-chair, Ursula Kolmstetter volunteered as local arrangements co-chair.

A discussion followed about the things Indianapolis has to offer to conference attendees. (Restaurants, the Zoo, the State Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Children’s Museum etc.) Day trips could be organized to Bloomington (Kinsey Institute), Columbus, etc.

A proposal to host the 2008 annual conference in Indianapolis needs to be submitted to Susie Frechette, Regional Representative for the Midwest, by July 26th. Susie will send a copy of the conference proposal for Atlanta to Terrie, as a model to work from.

B.J. suggested contacting other regional chapter chairs to carry the conference. Headquarters do a lot too. Three people would be needed for the programs, tours, and transportation.

One year before the conference a presentation needs to be given to the Planning Committee of the Board. The Planning Committee will visit the site the year before, tour the conference hotel etc.

When scheduling the conference, Easter, Passover, the Indy 500, and the Mini Marathon need to be avoided..

Amy Trendler urged attendees to fill out the conference evaluation survey. Vicky Bohm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, suggested attendees go to the Byzantium exhibit at the Met and ask for aperson of the Watson Library.

A discussion followed on the topic of getting new chapter members. It was suggested to contact librarians at the Illinois Institute of Art and at the University of Chicago (Nancy Spiegel), and to post invitations at Library Science schools.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Catharine Jansen
Secretary/Treasurer ARLIS Midstates Chapter

Catharine Jansen
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
500 West Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-636-9378 ext. 173