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ARLIS Midstates Chapter
 Spring Business Meeting
 Monday April 4, 2005
Hilton Americas Hotel, Houston

Present:Alba Fernandez-Keys, Leslie Kottwakeford, Marsha Stevenson, K.C. Elhard, Dennis McGuire, Anne Champagne, Alexis Burson, Eileen Fry, Miriam Nelson,Sara Carter,B.J. Irvine, Leigh Gates, Terrie Wilson, Annette Haines, Nicole Finzer, Ursula Kolmstetter,Rebecca Price, Jennifer Hehman, Lyn Korenic, Linda Duychak, Catharine Jansen, Rijn Templeton, Amy Trendler.

Meeting began at 6:30 p.m., conducted by Chair, Amy Trendler. The meeting's agenda included:

Approval of Fall 2004 business meeting minutes
Treasurer's Report
Midwest Regional Representative (Leigh Gates)
Election Committee
ARLIS/NA annual conference 2008 in Indianapolis
Contribution to Fred Hillbruner Memorial Book Fund
Chapter Issues for Executive Board
Funding Requests to ARLIS/NA
Travel Award
Fall 2005 Meeting at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Friday October 21st. Hosted by
Elizabeth Schmoeger, Librarian, Milwaukee Art Museum
New endeavors for Midstates? Liaison to area LIS programs?  
Additions to website?

After the welcome and introductions, the Fall 2004 minutes were approved. Minutes will be posted on the Chapter's web site:

Catharine Jansen, Midstates' Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report. So far, 19 individuals had renewed their membership for 2004. The Chapter's account balance as of 4/9/04 was $2,533.16.Expenses for 2003 and 2004,since the Fall 2003 meeting, were the $400 donation to the New York Welcome Party, the $250 matching donation to the Travel Award, and $47.10 for the Fall 2003 meeting, for incurred expenses that were not paid for by registration fees. Income for the fall of 2003 and the spring of 2004 was $480, earned from 23 regular memberships, and 2 student memberships. The balance of the Award account as of 3/31/04 was $2300.

Midwest Regional Representative Leigh Gates suggested to take a look at several documents on the ARLIS/NA web site: the Core Competencies document and the Strategic
Planning document, and the reports of regional groups, committees etc.

Terrie announced that we need a volunteer to host and maintain the chapterís web site, since Erika Dowell, Indiana University, has left art librarianship. Volunteers
should contact Terrie.

Alba Fernandez, from Indianapolis, and Terrie Wilson, from East Lansing, MI, volunteered for the Nominating Committee.

Dicussion continued about the possibility of the Chapter hosting the 2008 annual conference in Indianapolis. Two days before the start of the conference Ursula was
informed by Head Quarters that hotels in Indianapolis are sold out in March and Aprilof 2008. It was suggested that the conference might take place the first week of May 2008, or in 2009. Ursula remarked that it needed to be checked on what date Easter falls in 2009.

B.J. Irvine, Indiana University, handed out a list of positions on the conference planning committee that had already been filled.

Ursula reported that a couple of weeks before some planning committee members had a meeting with two teachers for graphic design from the Herron School of Art (...,Assistant Professor) and Butler conference in the fall of 2005, with a prize of $100 to be awarded in the spring of
2006 and an exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Some designs could be
posted on the web.

The theme of the conference would be: ďArt Information at the Crossroads. B.J. asked for volunteers to fill positions on the conference planning committee. She thought that we should find out within two weeks whether we would host the conference in 2008 or 2009.

B.J. moved that we donate $100 to the Fred Hillbruner Memorial Book Fund. The motion was seconded by Leigh Gates.

Amy announced that we could get funding for special projects. She mentioned the Texas-Mexico Chapter, which translated their brochure and web site into Spanish. The deadline for submitting a request for funding is June 30th.

Questions were asked about qualifications for the travel award (which could not be awarded this year for lack of qualified candidates.) Leslie Kottwakeford, Art Institute of Chicago, volunteered to look again at the conditions together with Alba.

The exhibitions were discussed that will be at the Milwaukee Museum of Art when we meet there. That Friday there will also be a Gallery Evening in the city. Leigh remarked that we had gotten thin on professional development programming at Chapter meetings. She suggested getting some programming. Catharine will provide Amy with a list of suggestions from the membership forms. Marsha Stevenson, Notre Dame University, is still looking for a replacement of Jane Devine.

Amy is going to put out a call for a coordinator to contact area LIS programs. If nobody comes forward, Rijn Templeton will take on the task. The meeting was adjourned
at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Catharine Jansen
Secretary/Treasurer ARLIS Midstates Chapter

Catharine Jansen
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
500 West Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN  46204