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Spring Business Meeting

May 8, 2006
Banff, Canada

Present: Sarah Carter (Indiana University), K.C. Elhard (U. of Illinois), Marc Gartler (Harrington College of Design), Leigh Gates (Art Institute of Chicago), Annette Haines (U. of Michigan), Cheryl A. Hill (Art Institute of Chicago), B.J. Irvine (Indiana University), Catharine Jansen (Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art), Kathleen C. Lonbom (Illinois State University), Megan Macken (Indiana University), Kristen Meyer (U. of Minnesota), Dennis McGuire (Columbia College, Chicago), Rebecca Price (U. of Michigan), Marsha Stevenson (U. of Notre Dame), Rijn Templeton (U. of Iowa), Amy Trendler (Ball State U.), Leslie K. Wakeford (Art Institute of Chicago), Terrie Wilson (Michigan State U.).

Meeting began at 8:10 a.m., conducted by Chair, Rijn Templeton; recorded by Catharine Jensen. The meeting's agenda included:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Announcements and any additions to the agenda
  • Congratulations to Sarah Carter, recipient of the William C. Bunce Travel Award
  • Approve fall 2005 minutes. Discuss approval of future minutes via e-mail
  • Treasurer's report (Catharine Jansen)
  • Discuss possible update/revision of Chapter website
  • Discuss location of the fall 2006 chapter meeting
  • Discuss ideas for professional development at chapter meetings (attachment)
  • Midwest Regional Representative (Leigh Gates): highlights of ARLIS/NA Executive Board issues

After the welcome and introductions, Rijn (University of Iowa) presented a certificate to Sarah Carter for the William Bunce Travel Award, which was awarded to her for the 2006 Conference.

Leigh Gates, Midwest Regional Representative, gave a report on the pre-conference Executive Board meetings:
  • The financial state of ARLIS had been looked at, and it was decided that the dues will need to go up. (Dues have not been raised in ten years.)
  • The third Summer Institute will be in Portland, Oregon, June 1-16.
  • ARLIS's new president, Ann Whiteside, is leading the assesment of the organization. There are still opportunities to join a focus group looking at the Society's organization.
  • According to Headquarters and their lawyers the affiliation between ARLIS/NA and its chapters needs to be formalized because of liability issues. In addition, all chapter bylaws need to be aligned with ARLIS/NA bylaws as posted on its website. As stated in the bylaws, all chapter members must be ARLIS/NA members. Chapter affiliation aggrements must be signed and chapter bylaw changes must be made before the 2007 Executive Board meeting in Atlanta.
  • ARLIS/NA cannot afford to buy liability insurance for each chapter. The Midwest chapter may want to consider purchasing its own insurance. Elizabeth Clark at Headquarters can answer any questions about liabilty coverage for chapters.

  • B.J. made a motion to approve the fall 2005 minutes. The motion was seconded. Minutes will be posted on the Chapter's web site: ( Rijn proposed that the minutes would be proposed by e-mail, so they can be posted sooner.

    Catharine Jansen presented the Treasurer's report and took minutes for Midstates Secretary/Treasurer Shelley Quattrocchi, who could not attend the conference. She reported that as of 4/26/06 there were 30 members in good standing. The Chapter's checking account balance was $3,293.42 as of 1/31/06, $3,258.63 as of 4/26/06. The balance of the Bill Bunce award account was $2,300 as of 1/31/2006, and $2050.00 as of 4/26/06. Expenditures from checking account since 1/31/06: $ 584.79 ($250 half Travel Award to Sarah Carter, $300 donation 2006 conference welcome ty, $23.40 for mailing of membership renewal forms, $11.39 for address labels.) Expenditures from the Bill Bunce award account since 1/31/06: $250 (half Travel Award to Sarah Carter). Income since 1/1/06 was $550.00, earned from 26 regular memberships and 3 student memberships.

    Leigh was wondering whether we could spend the extra cash on something. B.J. suggested saving the money for our 2009 International Conference. Leigh then remarked that the Conference Planning Group would finalize the budget and that we would need to discuss that. Rijn suggested that we might want to give out an extra travel award.

    Rijn suggested that in order to revise the web site, a sub committee should be formed. Leigh suggested an informal meeting of all chapter web masters in Atlanta. Amy suggested putting the travel awards, conference planning etc. on the Chapter web site, to start some text of the conference planning, and to post photos of Chapter officers. Elise Brown would like to be part of the web site design group. Rijn will send an e-mail to everybody about this. Mark suggested setting up a test site.

    Leigh volunteered to host the 2006 Midstates fall meeting and Elise Brown for fall 2007. Leigh will coordinate the meeting with Gretchen Turchel of the VRA; they will have a meeting the first weekend in November at the U. of Chicago. Topics for professional development at the Fall Conference (suggested on membership renewal forms): copyright. Leigh and Rijn will touch base about that.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 am.

    Respectfully submitted by Catharine Jansen.