ARLIS-NA Midstates Chapter
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Spring Business Meeting

Monday, April 30, 2007
ARLIS/NA conference, Atlanta, Georgia

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.

Present: Jessica Bozeman (Indiana University/DePauw University), Sarah Carter (Indiana University), Alba Fernandez-Keys (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Eileen Fry (Indiana University), Leigh Gates (Art Institute of Chicago), Annette Haines (University of Michigan), Laura Haxer ?, Jennifer Hehman (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis), Cheryl Hill (Art Institute of Chicago), B.J. Irvine (Indiana University), Kitty Jansen (Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art), Ursula Kolmstetter (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Lyn Korenic (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Kathleen Lonbom (Illinois State University), Rebecca Price (University of Michigan), Sonja Staum (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis), Marsha Stevenson (University of Notre Dame), Rijn Templeton (University of Iowa), Amy Trendler (Ball State University), Leslie Kott Wakeford (Art Institute of Chicago), Terrie Wilson (Michigan State University), Susan Winkler (Indiana University).
  • Approval of Fall 2006 Business Meeting Minutes - Annette Haines
    • Annette Haines welcomed everyone and announced that the minutes of the Fall Business Meeting held at the Art Institute of Chicago were approved via e-mail, and are now posted on the Midstates website.

  • Assessment Task Force Report and Recommendations - Rebecca Price
    • The major change recommended by the report concerning regional chapters is that one Chapter Representative would represent all chapters on the ARLIS/NA Board.
    • Annette Haines reported on the first-ever Chapter Officerís meeting, held at the Atlanta conference. The opportunity for direct contact and discussion with the Board President is a welcome change, and it has been decided to make this an annual part of the conference schedule. To re-cap the meeting, Annette reported there were some concerns that changing the chapter representation from 4 reps to 1 would weaken chapter communication with the Board. However, this change would also strengthen the role of the elected Chapter Representative and could make things more efficient.
    • Leigh Gates stated her ambivalence about this change, and pointed out that it has worked well to have a regional Chapter Representative who can foster personal connections at the chapter level. She mentioned that it would be difficult to keep communication open with only 1 Chapter Rep. talking with chapter officers, but not individual chapter members.
    • Lyn Korenic asked why it was necessary to make this change, and Rebecca responded that it was hoped the change would result in more functional representation on the Board. The Chapter Representative would be responsible for chapter communication, and the position would hopefully take advantage of someoneís expertise in this area. She pointed out, however, that it is hard to balance the responsibility of being on the Board, and that facilitating communication with all the chapters is a very large task in addition to being a Board member. Leigh suggested that the current structure of regional representatives be retained- she pointed out that their responsibility is to communicate to the Board, not be on the Board.

  • Newsletter Report- Amy Trendler
    • Amy Trendler discussed on her ideas for beginning a Midstates Newsletter. Everyone thanked Amy for her work so far. She used Microsoft Publisher to create a sample newsletter, and passed it around. Eventually, a newsletter link could be added to the Midstates and ARLIS/NA websites. Jennifer Hehman suggested a link to ARLISnap, as well. There was discussion about who would be in charge of the newsletter, and whether to change the chapter bylaws to make the position official. It was agreed to make this an elected appointment, rather than changing the bylaws. Alba Fernandez-Keys and Cheryl Hill volunteered for an informal Newsletter Committee.

  • 2009 ARLIS/NA Indianapolis Conference Report - Ursula Kolmstetter
    • Ursula Kolmstetter talked about the conference planning meeting with the Atlanta planning committee. She learned that they emphasized communication throughout the planning process, and suggested an e-mail account be established exclusively for conference planning. It is important to be clear about who makes decisions about various aspects of the conference, and who is to approve or reject ideas. Changes to the conference schedule this year included 30 minute breaks between sessions and a one-hour daily lunch break, both of which it was agreed were very successful.
    • Ursula urged the chapter to be entrepreneurial- go to companies for special pricing on services, or in-kind donations. Identify local prospective sponsors for individual events and sessions. This year, raffle items brought in $2,500 and it was mentioned that the chapter should research whether raffles or silent auctions have been more profitable in the past.
    • A Budget Coordinator needs to be added to the Indy conference position list, and Lyn Korenic volunteered to fill this position. The conference assignments were reviewed, and it was discovered that the additions made at the Fall Business Meeting in Chicago were not on the list distributed. Sarah Carter pointed out that the updated list is on the Midstates web site, under Administration and Conference Planning links.
    • Ursula passed around the final Indy program design and the logo for buttons or stickers to distribute at the ARLIS/NA Denver 2008 conference. In terms of space planning and logistics, Eileen Fry suggested thinking about using more venues outside the designated conference hotel to alleviate crowding and avoid reserving expensive hotel meeting rooms. Jennifer Hehman suggested sprinkling tours throughout the conference, instead of having them all on one day. The convocation will be held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on the Sunday of conference weekend, and the possibility of moving it to the beginning of the conference (as discussed on ARLIS-L) was brought up.
    • It was decided that a fall conference planning meeting would be held in Indianapolis, and Sonja Staum volunteered to host it at the Herron School of Art at IUPUI, on Friday, October 3. Sonja will set up a GoogleGroup listserv to facilitate conference planning discussion. A local planning meeting will be held in June, and another one in the early spring, before the ARLIS/NA Denver conference.

  • William C. Bunce Travel Award Report - Annette Haines
    • Annette Haines announced the winner, Tom Hartmann, from the Harrington College of Design. Tom was not present at the meeting, and Leslie Kott Wakeford volunteered to send him the award certificate.

  • Midwest Regional Representative Report - Leigh Gates
    • Leigh Gates thanked the Midstates Chapter for the $300 contribution to the Welcome Party, and announced that all chapters had signed the Chapter Affiliation Agreement.

  • Treasurerís Report - Leslie Kott Wakeford
    • Leslie Kott Wakeford read the report, in the absence of Secretary/Treasurer Shelley Quattrocchi. Checking account balance as of April 24, 2007: $3,173.63. As of April 24, 2007, we have a total of 30 members: 27 regular memberships and 3 student memberships. See complete financial report on the last page of the Minutes.
    • Lyn Korenic suggested that chapter-sponsored travel awards be announced at Convocation, as vendor-sponsored awards are currently highligted, to give recognition the support of members at the local level. Leigh Gates responded that this had been discussed by the Board, and the idea was to put travel award announcements on the ARLIS/NA web site.

  • Chapter Insurance Report - Annette Haines
    • Annette Haines reviewed the discussion at the Chapter Officerís meeting. ARLIS/NA cannot help with estimates, because costs vary so widely depending on a chapterís location. No general statistics are available, only anecdotal examples were given by Elizabeth Clark to illustrate the need for insurance. Elizabeth will be looking into a new option- Canada offers an individual insurance rider that would cover one person, in this case the Chapter Chair. This might not be available in the U.S. yet. Annette emphasized that whatever decision is made, it will have to be an issue that is re-visited regularly, as chapter officers change. As the insurance issue primarily affects officers, people will have different comfort levels about the risk of liabilities.
    • Jennifer Hehman reported on her findings from contacting a specialty insurance agent for non-profits without central headquarters or offices. General liability for directors/officers is between $800-1200 annually. The primary concern is about accidents that could happen at business meetings, such as injury or discrimination. It was decided that discussion about this issue would continue on the Midstates listserv.

  • Nomination Committee - Alba Fernandez-Keys
    • Alba Fernandez-Keys announced the results of the election conducted by the Nomination Committee, comprised of herself, Sarah Carter and Miriam Nelson: Leslie Kott Wakeford was elected as Vice Chair/Chair elect for 2007-2008. The Nomination Committee will be selected again in the fall.

  • Web Site Revision Working Group Report - Sarah Carter
    • Sarah Carter reported that Jessica Bozeman will be in charge of the Midstates web site. It is now XHTML compliant thanks to Susan Winklerís work. The search feature is also functioning, and conference planning documents have been added.

  • Announcements - B.J. Irvine
    • B.J. Irvine announced that Ken Soehner from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, will be at the fall conference planning meeting in Indianapolis. Sonja Staum asked everyone to submit email address changes to herself or Shelley Quattrocchi for a listserv update. Cheryl Hill asked for people to get in touch with her if they are interested in hosting the fall meeting of the Midwest Art Catalogers Discussion Group.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Kott Wakeford
Vice Chair, ARLIS/NA Midstates