ARLIS-NA Midstates Chapter
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ARLIS/NA Midstates Chapter Meeting

Spring Business Meeting
Sunday May 4, 2008
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Denver, Colorado

Present: Tracy Bergstrom (U of Notre Dame), Jessica Bozeman (IU Bloomington), Eileen Fry (IU Bloomington), Annette Haines (U of Michigan), Laura Haxer (Harrington College of Design), Jennifer Hehman (IUPUI), B.J. Irvine (retired, IU Bloomington), Kitty Jansen (Eiteljorg Museum), Meredith Kahn (U of Michigan), Alba Fernandez-Keys (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Ursula Kolmstetter (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Lyn Korenic (U of Wisconsin), Kathleen C. Lonbom (Illinois State U), Rebecca Price (U. of Michigan), Chris Quinn (U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Susan Sheiner (Wayne State U), Sonja Staum (IUPUI Herron Art Library), Marsha Stevenson (U of Notre Dame), Rijn Templeton (U of Iowa), Amy Trendler (Ball State U), Tony White (IU Bloomington), Terrie Wilson (Michigan State), Susan Winkler (U of Iowa), Shelley Quattrocchi(Indianapolis Museum of Art).

Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m., conducted by Chair, Marsha Stevenson. The meeting's agenda included:

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Approval of minutes Fall 2007 business meeting
  • Treasurer's report
  • William C. Bunce/ARLIS Midstates Travel Award
  • Midwest Regional Representative's report
  • Chapter Newsletter
  • Nominating Committee
  • Fall 2008 meeting Location/Dates
  • Announcements
  • 2009 Conferenc Planning

  • After the welcome by Marsha and introductions, the Fall 2007 minutes were approved. Minutes have been posted on the Chapter's web site.
  • Kitty Jansen, Midstates Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report. She reported that as of 4/28/08 there were 29 members in good standing. The Chapter's checking account balance was $2,465.73 as of 4/28/08. The balance of the Bill Bunce award account: $1,550. Expenditures from checking account since 1/1/08: $500 (Bill Bunce award.) Income since 1/1/08 was $515, earned from 23 regular memberships and 4 student memberships.
  • Amy made a motion that the Chapter would reimburse Rebecca Price, Jennifer Hehman, and anybody else who donated items for the Chapter’s Silent Auction contribution to the 2008 Conference. Eileen seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Eileen then introduced William C. Bunce/ARLIS Midstates Travel Award recipient Meredith Kahn.
  • During her Midwest Regional Representative's report, Amy reported that in the recent bylaws vote all the changes passed. These changes involved creating an introductory membership category, allowing electronic ballots in future elections, and changing regional representative position on the board to functional roles. As ARLIS transitions to the functional roles, the board is still very much interested in maintaining regional representation on the board and insuring that all current board members attend as many chapter meetings as possible.
     Eileen asked about the new company that possibly is going to manage ARLIS/NA, since there would be a chance that this company would help the chapter organize next year’s conference. Amy did not know any details yet, except that the contract of the present company is officially up for renewal in July 2009.
  • Marsha thanked the members of the Nominating Committee. The results of the elections were announced both in the Midstates newsletter and via email. 
  • Rijn, the 2008/2009 ARLIS/NA Treasurer, announced that the application and guidelines for Special Funding for Chapters is on the ARLIS/NA website (under the Organization tab, Administrative Documents, Financial Info).  Applications are due Sept. 30, 2008.  If you have questions contact Rijn.
  • Amy asked for contributions for the next Chapter Newsletter and for people who would be interested to serve on the newsletter committee.
  • There were no other announcements.

2009 Conference Planning

Updates on: Welcome Party, Convocation & Reception, Keynote Speaker, Programs.

  • Ursula, Local Arrangements Co-Chair, reported that the Welcome Party will take place at the Eiteljorg Museum, on Friday evening, April the 17th, from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm. The galleries and the gift shop will be open. The Museum is donating the use of the space. $300 will have to be paid for Security and food. We will also have to pay and arrange for a band. No bussing will be necessary, since the Museum is within walking distance from the conference hotel.
  • The Convocation and Reception will take place at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on Sunday, April 19th; from 6:00 pm until 10:00 or 11:00 pm. Bussing will be necessary.
  • Our keynote speaker at the Membership Meeting will be Brian Payne, President of the Central Indiana Community Foundation and The Indianapolis Foundation. He will talk about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.
  • Tony White and Eileen Fry, Program Co-Chairs, visited the roundtables at the conference to ask for submissions of presentations for next year’s conference. The evaluation form for the Denver conference plus the proposal form for next year’s conference will be posted soon on the ARLIS/NA web site.

List of Committee Members/Responsibilities, Conference Listserv/Google Group

  • Eileen will post an updated list of organizing people on the Conference listserv

Compilation of possible local sponsors and donors
  • Suggestions were: IU Press, Space Savers, the Architecture Bookstore (should also be an exhibitor), Historical Society, Historic Landmarks (could help with the tours), the Central Indiana Community Foundation or the Indiana Library Fund, the Indiana Library Federation, INCOLSA, Indiana State Museum, Indiana State Library, Indiana Arts Council, Indiana Guild Press in Zionsville (publishes books on Indiana artists), the IU Library, the School of Library and Information Science.

Possible spaces outside of the hotel
  • Places mentioned: the Historical Society, for the Plenary Session(this might be too expensive), the Herron School of Art, the Lilly House for a little dinner for the Society Circle. Indiana University for a really hands-on workshop.
  • The discussion then reverted to the fact that sheets should be devised so people can go on self-guided tours, that the new airport terminal will open this fall, that the Green Line provides easy transportation from the airport to downtown hotels, and that the Red Line provides free transportation downtown. Eileen suggested we try it out this summer. Alba Fernandez-Keys, Local Guide Editor, will integrate travel information, transportation, and restaurants.

Website update
  • By the end of the following week the Indianapolis Conference web site will be up. Nicolet Elert is our web master. The orange design did not work on the web site, so the arrow logo was chosen for that. The orange design could be used on the Convocation program. B.J. noted that the two student design teams need to get credit for their work on the web site and in the conference program.

  • There was some discussion about what should be on the nametags: the Soldiers & Sailors Monument or the search box. It was noted that Barbara Rockenbach (Conference Committee,Development) would like bags with the logo, this would be paid for by the organization. (The key chains were financed by the Chapter.)

Reports from ARLIS/Midstates committee members

  • Jennifer Hehman, Tour Coordinator, provided the draft of an extensive list of tours. The Denver conference offered ten different tours (plus some repeats.) Alba remarked that she liked the possibility that was offered in Denver, to sign up for a dinner. Marsha noted that volunteers will be needed to escort each of the tours.

Dos and don’ts of the 2008 conference
  • Ursula urged committee members to read the dos and don’ts of the 2008 conference.
  • The beginning of August we will have a one-and-a-half day CPAC meeting in Indianapolis, which as many committee members as possible should attend. The program Co-Chairs will need to get data about the attendance of the various sessions, and   a person needs to be designated who will keep attendance of the sessions.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kitty Jansen
Secretary/Treasurer ARLIS Midstates Chapter (kjansen@eiteljorg.com)