ARLIS-NA Midstates Chapter
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ARLIS/NA Midstates Chapter Meeting

Spring Business Meeting
Saturday, April 19, 2009
Indianapolis Marriott Downtown Hotel, Indianapolis

Nicole Beatty (VRC, Indiana U.-Bloomington),Jessica Bozeman(Indiana U.-Bloomington), Laurie Chipps (Art Institute of Chicago), Linda Duychack (U. Wisconsin-Madison), Nikki Elert (Wayne State U.), Deborah Evans-Cantrell (Indiana U.), Marc Gartler (Harrington College of Design), Katie Gleischman (U. of Wisconsin, Madison), Annette Haines (U. of Michigan), Laura Haxer (Harrington College of Design), Jennifer Hehman (IUPUI), Kitty Jansen (Eiteljorg Museum), Lindsay King (Northwestern U.), Kathleen C. Lonbom (Illinois State U.), Megan Macken (U. of Chicago), Emilee Mathews (Indiana U.-Bloomington), Jennifer Parker (U. of Notre Dame), Chris Quinn (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Nick Savot(Indiana U.-Bloomington), Marlene Slough (Eastern Illinois U.), Crystal Smith (Indiana U.-Bloomington), Marsha Stevenson (U. of Notre Dame), Rijn Templeton (U. of Iowa), Tony White (Indiana U.-Bloomington).

Meeting was called to order at 5:25 p.m., conducted by Chair, Marc Gartler. The meeting's agenda included:

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Approval of minutes from Fall meeting
  • 2009 Conference
  • Treasurer's report
  • Website Committee
  • Chapter website hosting
  • Wittenberg Award Committee
  • Report from ARLIS/NA Board (Midwest Regional Representative's report)
  • Arts Guide for ALA Annual Conference in Chicago
  • New Initiatives
  • Fall 2009 meeting Location/Dates
  • Announcements

  • After the welcome by Marc and introductions, the Fall 2008 minutes were approved by acclamation.Minutes have been posted on the Chapter's web site.
  • -Conference co-chair Tony White reported that TEI –ARLIS/NA’s new management company- will take over the Society’s web site, and that the Society controls the domain name again. Updates between April 18 and the take-over by TEI on May 1st, such as the conference proceedings, will be uploaded after May 5th. Tony also reported that attendance of this year’s conference was 357 people. Attendance in 2008 was 660. Seventy-eight percent of the development goal was reached. There were no other reports from the co-chairs. Marc mentioned that everything was going very well at the conference. There was good feedback about the workshops etc.
  • -Kitty Jansen, Midstates Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report. She reported that as of 4/17/09. There were 38 members (this number includes 3 new regular members and 3 new student members.) However: Of the 32 2008 members only 16 regular and 3 student members renewed their memberships so far.
  • The Chapter's checking account balance was $1,776.29 as of 4/17/09. The balance of the Bill Bunce award account: $1,300. Expenditures from checking account since 1/1/09: $250 taken from both accounts for this year’s Bunce Travel, for a total of $500, plus a $300 donation for the 2009 conference Welcome Party. Income since 1/1/09 was $430, earned from 19 regular memberships and 5 student memberships.
  • -Jessica Bozeman reported that the Web Site Committee is looking for a new web site manager since she got a new position at Hope College starting July 15th.
  • -Marc reported that TEI can host chapter web sites at no additional charge. Cate Cooney will soon present us with more info about this. Kitty wondered what would happen when the contract with TEI would be terminated. Marc promised to bring this up at the Chapter Chairs meeting on Monday.
  • -Rebecca Price, Wittenberg Award Committee, announced that the conference organizing team always awards the Wittenberg Award for the next year. App. 100 titles will need to be evaluated between December and February. She urged those who are interested in serving on this committee to contact her.Amy announced that Chair Elect Mark Gartler (Harrington College of Design) is preparing the ACRL Arts Guide for the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago and would like some help with that.
  • -Amy Trendler was not present to give the report from the ARLIS/NA Board about the handling of the transitioning details. Marc will pass the report on through e-mail.
  • -Marc would like to know who would like to work on the ALA arts guide. He mentioned that the guide will be really comprehensive. A sign-up sheet was passed around.
  • -Suggestions for a new initiative were: joint meetings with other chapters, for example the Twin Cities Chapter (Marsha), bringing in a special speaker (Kathleen Lonbom), joint meetings with the VRA (Marc). Jennifer Hehman suggested asking all surrounding chapters when they meet. Marc will find out whether there are any restrictions and how much money would be available. There is a July 1 deadline to apply for special projects funding, joint meetings, outreach to LIS schools.
  • -It was decided that the Fall 2009 meeting would take place sometime in October. The location will be decided later. The Art Institute of Chicago, which has a new wing (Lee Gates), possibly in coordination with a Midwest catalogers meeting (Laura Chipps)and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (Annette Haines)were mentioned as possible locations. Another time we could meet in Indiana again, at Notre Dame(Marsha).
  • -Marc reminded the chapter that nominations are due this summer for a new Vice-President and a new Secretary/Treasurer for 2010. Marsha and Kitty explained what the positions of Chapter Chair and Secretary/ Treasurer entail. There was some discussion about the trouble of getting a new bank account in a different city. It was suggested to wait and see whether TEI will take over the collection of the Chapter membership fees (which would make the task of the Chapter Secretary/ Treasurer much easier.)
  • -There being no other announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kitty Jansen
Secretary/Treasurer ARLIS Midstates Chapter (kjansen@eiteljorg.com)