Spring 2021 — Tuesday, April 26

Our Spring 2021 business meeting will be a virtual meeting on Tuesday, April 26, beginning at 9am Central (10am Eastern).

Photo by Aniket Bhattachayra, Unsplash.com

Agenda: Spring 2021 Business Meeting

I. Introductions (Mackenzie Salisbury)

II. Approval of Minutes from Fall 2020 meeting

III. Updates & Reports:

A. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report (Becca Pad)

B. Website (Greg Baise)

C. 2022 Conference planning activities report/discussion (Cara List, Alexis Burson, Melanie Emerson, and Jamie Vander Broek)

D. Outreach Programs for iSchools status (Mackenzie Salisbury + Emilee Mathews)

E. Bunce Travel Award non-award (Carol Ng-He)

F. Fall 2021 Meeting (Mackenzie Salisbury)

G. Elections / past chair position (Mackenzie Salisbury)

IV. Ongoing Business

V. Announcements/New Business